My Final Month


 So just as all things must come to an end so does my time in Korea. Before the start of September I will be leaving Korea and headed to Europe for a small vacation and following that I will return stateside. Most of these lists you see about leaving a place you have been for a while, focus on what was good or bad about the experience. I just want to give me two cents on what I did that helped me survive and have a successful time here.

 Don’t limit yourself to what you know. Expand your horizons. For almost everything I did in Korea that was outside of my comfort zone I can safely say they were some of the most rewarding times of my life. I met great new friends, saw amazing things, and ate some very strange food (live octopus is a TRIP!!). All of these happened because I just decided to say yes and see what happens. Remember, the fun things happen at night when you say yes to one final drink at a club.
SET A GOAL…. or two
 You should have something you want to accomplish when you move abroad. I had a couple of goals and I accomplished them while I was here. Explore outside of my comfort zone, learn Korean, and make great business friends/connections. While I have been abroad I have done some marketing consulting, I am currently doing foreign market research for a friend’s startup “Lustria,” studied at a top tier University, and continued to play many sports. A quote from one of my new friends describes my stay here perfectly “You might be one of the most outgoing foreigners I have met in Korea.” He said that in terms of not staying in the “Expat Bubble,” as I call it. That can be one of the most disastrous things you can do. 
 I don’t mean to say that if you don’t want to leave you should set a date to leave. What I mean is that you need to set an end date to what you are doing, when you will start something new. It could be the same job, the same place of living; but everyone needs to set an end date to stop what you have been doing. When you change and work towards being better at something you begin to become a better person as well. Everyone needs a sense of purpose. Mine right now is to become a successful marketing consultant, and to be a better man. Loosely defined second goal but it is coming from being raised by a fantastic set of parents. 

I have had an amazing time here in Korea. But in a month it will be time to go home. I am very excited to be heading back and that my end date is arriving.